Huskies and more

On a safari in Saariselkä There are 150 huskies living in our farm. Most of them are Alaskan huskies which are accompanied by some Siberian huskies. Huskies are friendly, social and active dogs which happily welcome you to meet them. There is no need for bad conscience when joining a husky safari, huskies love to run and enjoy their work! You can learn more about these beautiful animals during a husky safari. Starting from our farm in Ivalo we arrange several kind of guided tours with huskies. You can choose from shorter day tours of 1-6 hours or join an overnight tour with one or more nights in a wilderness cabin. During the shorter day tours (1-4 hours), two guests share one sledge which is pulled by 6-7 huskies. For an extra fee, you can have your own team during these trips as well. On whole day tours and on overnight trips every participant has an own husky team to mush. The number of dogs in the team depends on the size of the guest and varies between 3-5 huskies.

All our husky tours are organized without snowmobile assistance as on our safaris even the tour guides are driving with huskies.

Short introduction to mushing
Duration 1 hour, driving distance 10-15 km.
Price 109 eur/person

With huskies to a wilderness “caf√©”
Duration 2,5 hours, driving distance 15-20 km.
Coffee/tea and a snack/a pastry is served around open fire.
Price 156 eur/person

Mushing makes hungry
Duration 4 hours, driving distance 25-30 km.
Enjoy a tasty lunch prepared by your guide around open fire.
Price 193 eur/person

Musher’s day dream
Duration c. 6 hours, driving distance 50-70 km. During this tour everyone has an own team. Guide prepares a tasty lunch around open fire and a cup of hot, fresh coffee/tea complements the experience.
Price 302 eur/person

We grant a 10% discount of the above mentioned day trip prices for guests who book at least 3 nights accommodation at our guesthouse.

Conquering the legendary Inari Lake with huskies, overnight tours
Do you want to conquer the frozen Inari Lake, enjoy its wide open space and the overwhelming silence of the wilderness? During these tours we stay overnight in our wilderness cabin on an island of Inari Lake. Driving distance to the wilderness cabin is ca. 50 km one way, so our guests are able to enjoy hours of mushing with our well-trained huskies. On overnight tours every guest has an own husky team. Please note that there might be changes in the route and program due to the weather, snow and ice conditions or due to other safety issues. Driving distances given are advisable, but might change if circumstances are difficult – huskies are eager runners, but they are not machines!

In winter 2018 – 2019 we have again several departures for both 2- and 3-day-tours which are now bookable. Please check the dates below. These tours are run with a minimum of 2 participants and there are at most 8 guests on the safari.

04. – 06.01.2019 – 3 seats left
16. – 18.01.2019
21. – 23.01.2019 – 2 seats left
30.01. – 01.02.2019
04. – 06.02.2019
14. – 16.02.2019 – Fully booked!
21. – 23.02.2019 – Fully booked!
28.02. – 02.03.2019 – 1 seat left
11. – 13.03.2019 – Fully booked!
18. – 20.03.2019 – Fully booked!
21. – 23.03.2019 – 1 seat left
25. – 27.03.2019
01. – 03.04.2019 – 4 seats left
08. – 10.04.2019

20. – 21.12.2018
21. – 22.12.2018
25. – 26.12.2018 – NEW!
28. – 29.12.2018 – Fully booked!
10. – 11.01.2019
18. – 19.01.2019
24. – 25.01.2019
28. – 29.01.2019
07. – 08.02.2019
08. – 09.03.2019 – Fully booked!
14. – 15.03.2019 – Fully booked!
29. – 30.03.2019
11. – 12.04.2019 – 1 seat left

Interested? Please ask for further details and prices. If we have availability, even tours on other dates are possible. Please do ask for an offer!